Research & Development

We work a lot with emerging technologies, and we’re often required to innovate to get the optimal interactive experience. Sometimes that means making our own hardware, adapting existing technology or inventing something completely new.

Interactive physical objects

We’re masters at getting physical objects to “talk digital” too. That means we’ve done lots of experimenting with RFIDs, NFC, and many electronic input devices. The user experience of a physical thing causing a digital reaction is priceless; to users it feels like magic. And we love anything that feels like magic.

Fiducial markers

Our Fiducial marker research means we can recognise an object, and the orientation of it on a surface. That means we can do things like “light up” a block on a surface, and have it change colour when it’s turned around. The different orientation can also be used to send different signals and cause different results on screen. So, twist or move a physical object and cause different content to be rendered on screen.

Cardboard VR

We created this 360 deg video to let Museums Australasia conference delegates experience being right in the middle of the acclaimed Te Papa exhibition Gallipoli: The Scale of Our War. The Google Cardboard viewer meant they simply used their phones and had their own virtual experience right there!


Creating an app that talks to commercially available glasses, to allow our users to receive images, data and messages, and remain hands-free.

Reality augmented with magic

Using Augmented Reality to make the experience of viewing a 3-D butterfly seem like absolute magic.

Video mapping

By projecting over an existing surface, we can make a building appear to animate and come to life.

Data visualisations

Drawing on real time data, available through a building management system, to tell a visual story on energy use and expose otherwise “hidden” data that can now be celebrated.

Smart product demo

By printing a code out, and placing it on something you want to post, holding it up to your webcam - then you can see what size packaging you need superimposed over your item. That's our Smart Pack for NZ Post

Bringing bars alive

With themed live social media feeds and even a projection you can text to, we’ve brought the buzz into more than one downtown bar.

Great games

Race against an Olympic rower, ride a turtle, save an endangered dolphin, grow a garden, you name it, we’ve made a (fun) game about it.

Hands on with large scale interactive tables

We've built plenty of interactive surfaces, none more fun that the 4 metre table that responds to blocks being placed on it, not to mention the 3 metre multi user table that surfaces the collection of our National Library.

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