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Human Centred Design

We’ve always taken the view that if we don’t satisfy, surprise and delight our audiences then we aren’t doing our jobs right.

An approach that underlies all of our work over that last 28 years has been our focus on our audience; the users of our work. To begin any project, we do research into who we are talking to. This gives us an essential grounding, and avoids us making assumptions about what our users most want, and how they will interact.

01 | We get to know our users

Research we have done in the past has been anything from extensive nationwide qualitative research, to a small sample of one-on-one interviews.

These are often coupled with desk based research (discovering and using what research has already been done), on-line surveys, focus groups and even activities with groups such as wharfies or school kids. In doing this we uncover people’s real needs, their motivations and drivers, and we can distinguish different types of behaviours. That all informs how we then design a solution that works for them.

02 | We distill the findings

We will often create personas who typify our various types of users and illustrating them, along with their key drivers, helps us stay focussed on them throughout the project.

03 | We check our bright ideas out before we make them

An early check back in with users, before a line of code is cut, can also be a great way to check what we’re making is actually what they want.

We have run brilliant, and low-cost, paper testing in the past that has saved us developing features that our users didn’t think were important, and we’ve discovered key findings that have influenced how we structure an experience. Doing this give us great confidence in what we’re making and how it meets our users needs.

04 | We test again before we release

User testing, which is usually observed, allows further brilliant insights, usually on detailed functions, as well as how easy it is to find what to do next.

We’re also big on getting people to test in their own environments; an app that is designed to be used every day should be taken home and used, then let’s report back and find out the difference between your first use, and your 20th.



We help companies create truly useful and positive experiences for their customers.

Human centred design as the basis

We're applying the human centred approach (described  above) to all projects we complete.

With this as the basis it will be easy for your website visitors to do what they came to the website for. They might just want to find a specific piece of information, book tickets, contact you or get inspired. Whatever it is, it will be easy, fast and smooth.

More than just functionality

As important as good usability is, we'll go beyond that. We'll actually deliver on UX.

UX  is more than just a nice thing discussed in meetings. We plan for user's emotions and create an environment that fosters fun, exciting, and truly joyful experiences.

A website you can edit yourself

Atomic design and component based design & development in combination with a headless CMS.

In many projects, we utilise modular layouts which allows content administrators to make frequent updates to websites easily.

Websites that perform under high-load

We have a proven record of building critical websites which hold up to peaks of heavy traffic.

By employing modern hosting & infrastructure options and optimising our codebase for efficiency, we can ensure websites perform well in many situations.

The best websites are never complete.

Just as your business, your website should evolve and change with the times.

That's why we really like working with you as your internal UX team to achieve your product and marketing goals. It's also our favourite way of working together.


Museums & Installations

It's fair to say that interactive experiences for museums, galleries, libraries, iwi and tourism operators are at the core of what Click Suite does - big or small, local or international. We have unrivaled experience, and this is where we shine.

We work a lot with emerging technologies, and we’re often required to innovate to get the optimal interactive experience. Sometimes that means making our own hardware, adapting existing technology or inventing something completely new.

Interactive physical objects

We’re masters at getting physical objects to “talk digital” too. That means we’ve done lots of experimenting with RFIDs, NFC, and many electronic input devices. The user experience of a physical thing causing a digital reaction is priceless; to users it feels like magic. And we love anything that feels like magic.

Video mapping

By projecting over an existing surface, we can make a building appear to animate and come to life.

Our team is driven by a love for beauty, faith in user centred design, and the excitement of delivering projects that simply work.
We combine true and tested methodology with cutting edge technology to get the best results for you. We believe in the power of honesty and good vibes.
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↑ 127 Awards

We’re really proud that we’re the most awarded interactive media company in New Zealand.
We have 127 awards and finalists placings, which are a testament to our commitment to quality. Typically these awards have been judged by our peers, and reward work that stands out from the rest.
“It was a joy working with the amazing and highly creative talent on the Te Papa Gallipoli exhibition with the team at Click Suite – conceptualizing and then delivering a world class product that enthrals the viewer and tells a dramatic concept in a beautiful and elegant way. An incredibly challenging technical brief – delivered with extraordinary efficiency and zero fuss. ”