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Fireflies magically follow you

Fireflies find and follow you

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Interactive Installation

An Entry and Exit Experience

Following up on the huge success of Gallipoli, Te Papa and Weta Workshop are back with another ground-breaking exhibition - Bug Lab, the family-friendly science exhibition like no other. Click Suite was tasked with creating a memorable digital experience for both the entry and exit of the exhibition, to set the scene and leave a strong impression at the end. With a dozen meters of high-resolution video wall to play with, interactive motion-tracking felt like a natural fit. The brief? Enchanting.

Captivating Fireflies

The concept is a misty forest at dusk filled with glowing fireflies. We worked with scientific specialists to accurately model firefly anatomy and behaviour (with some artistic license!). After that, it was hours of painstaking calibration with infrared lights and motion-sensitive cameras to enable seamless and magical motion-tracking - that had to work with hundreds of visitors a day.

The Result

You enter a darkened corridor lit by the soft light of a forest at dusk. When nobody's there, the fireflies hover in loose groups. When you walk in front of the screens, the bugs excitedly follow you as you enter the exhibition, their lights winking on and off with a warm glow. Step closer to the screens and the fireflies fly even faster in excited circles. The result is a sensitive, enchanting digital installation that sets the mood for the amazing exhibition to follow.

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