We love collaboration and when clients are not just stakeholders, but become a blended team with us, we can all work together to make magic happen.

That’s how we work with all our clients, and how clients become long-term partners (like Wellington on a Plate and the Royal New Zealand Ballet). We’ve learnt that we get better outcomes when everyone is more involved (and have some fun along the way).

This is us: Windswept hair and a smile on the face :) (except Jack, of course)

Our (flash, new) Team:

Our lovely partners at form.fun.function are now part of our expanded Click Suite team, and we couldn’t be happier. It strengthens our offering, bringing much more senior, solid development and UX skills to the team. It has also brought a new leader at the helm, with Jamie taking on the CEO role and bringing fresh new vision and energy.

Jamie Morgan-Ward

Senior developer and the man in charge.

He is a talented developer with a genuine interest in human-centred design methodologies.

He likes to see development efforts result in beautiful experiences that people enjoy using. Jamie is leading our team, as our new CEO, and will guide our technology choices to be truly sure that what we build is beautiful, smart, and sets you up for a successful future.

Emily Loughnan

Creative Director
Emily is a co-founder of Click Suite and our former CEO.

Emily is pivotal in our user-centred approach, ensuring we really are creating something that will delight its users primarily, but also exceed our client’s business objectives.

She will lead the audience research work, and carry those users with her throughout the entire journey; always looking at details and thinking about our audience how it meets or exceeds their needs.

Cristina Campos

Project Manager
Where would we be without Cristina?

Cristina has been a key part of Click Suite for nearly 7 years. Cristina joined us from having run her own design agency in Brazil, done further website management in NZ, and taken a break to start a family.

She has a very people-orientated style of Project Management that sees problems solved, work tested and delivered, and happy teams on both client and supplier sides, ensuring that we are all working as one united team. She has a background in design and an eye for detail, helping us remain quality focused.

She also brings a solid technical knowledge which means she can meaningfully contribute to solving problems and forming recommendations.

Clemens Bergmann

UX Director
Clemens has formally trained in UX design in Germany, and brings his design skills to every detail in the interface.

Clemens is a User Experience Design professional with more than 10 years in concepting and designing the experiences that lead to more engaging and successful visits. You'll hear him say things like "But, how should it feel?"

He's constantly balancing between form und function. And for the best UX shoehorns a bit of fun into every project.

Meike Ahlers

Designer & Web Developer
Meike joined Click Suite in 2017 after working with a leading brand and design agency in Germany.

There Meike had focused in on digital aspects of design, particularly websites. She is a highly talented designer, with a wide grasp of technology and a passion for getting details just right.

Her empathetic design means the visuals speak to an otherwise disinterested audience, and that the experience is easy for anyone to navigate. She also loves coding and often takes frontend development into her own hands.

Jack Branthwaite

Jack has strong skills across both frontend and backend technologies.

He works with the team to be sure everything works reliably. He has an intuitive understanding of user experience and an excellent appreciation of good design.

He also knows every café, bar und restaurant in the greater Wellington area.